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  • 316L Stainless Steel Dutch Woven 5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh

    316L Stainless steel Dutch woven 5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh constructed of multiple layers of wire mesh are designed for precise controlled porosity, uniform pore sizes and distributions
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  • Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Melt Fiber Filter Elements

    Stainless steel sintered fiber filter element Stainless steel filter elements are for use in a wide range of applications and industries,suitable for use in both liquids and gases.
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  • Sintered Stainless Perforated Metal Element (tube/pipe)

    perforated plate, composite net compressive strength and high mechanical strength,perforated plate sintered wire mesh filter cartridge is sintered after using rolling seam welding process and the method of correction weld, it can make the overall look more beautiful.
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  • Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Filter Barrels

    Several layers of plain or twilled woven wire mesh and perforated metal(standard material are sintered together to make this special type of material.
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  • Chemical Fiber Metal Folding Filter Core

    Chemical fiber Metal folding filter core is made of stainless steel wire mesh, or sintered stainless fiber felt.
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  • Sintered Metal Disk

    20 years experience of producing sintered wire mesh Five-layer Sintered mesh is made of different diameter wires and meshes distributed in a certain sequence, through high temperature sintering. Five-layer Sintered mesh has higher strength than stainless steel fiber media,...
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  • Stainless Steel Sintered Filter

    10 micron 316L stainless steel sintered filter suppliers in china Features: High strength,high precision,re-washable,long service life,high rigidity,easy to assemble Usage: A. Solid gas separation B. Muffler, silencer C. Air purification D. Filtering oil E. Dedusting,...
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  • Porous Metal Sintered Wire Mesh

    Porous metal sintered wire mesh are popularly used in filtration.Suitable applications can be found in lots of fields, such as chemical and petrochemical process, refineries, semiconductor processes and phamaceutical production.Our products are produced with clean and plain...
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  • Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Cylinder Elements

    Cheap and High Quality Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Cylinder Elements 1.Types of 5 layer Sintered Filter: Type A -- 5 - Layer Sintered Wire Mesh Type B -- Square Woven Sintered Wire Mesh Type C -- Perforated Sintered Wire Mesh Type D -- Dutch Woven Sintered Wire Mesh 2.Standard...
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  • Multy-layer Sintered Mesh

    customize different structurer of multi layer sintered mesh for customer Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details Stainless Steel Sintered Mesh (Multi layer) packing: Plastic film inside,carton or plywood case outside. Delivery Time within 5-7 days after your order ,other...
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  • Perforated Plate Sintered Wire Mesh

    perforated metal sintered wire mesh for sea water treatment This type of Stainless Steel Filter Element is made by taking several layers of woven wire mesh and sintered them to a layer of perforated pleat. this type of sintered wire mesh laminate has a high resistance to...
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  • Dual-phase Steel Filter Automatic Cleaning Machine

    Dual-phase steel sintered filter for automatic cleaning machine The production according to ISO9001 quality management system. Filtration accuracy are from 1 micron to 200 micron . Goods exports to NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA, MIDDLE EAST and AFRICA. We can...
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