Application of Metal Filter Filter in Wastewater from Food Industry
May 13, 2018

The filter element used in the filter element filter is generally made of metal and has good repeatability. The filter elements mainly include sintered mesh filter element, sintered felt element, and stainless steel wire mesh folding filter element. These kinds of metal filter elements play a key role in the filter element filter, so choose the right one. The filter cartridge is very important,

The wastewater treatment of food industry generally uses air floatation, coagulation sedimentation, adsorption, etc., but the removal effect is very unstable, and the operating cost is relatively high, and the management operation is not very convenient. Filter cartridge filter food wastewater has been applied in a variety of food wastewater treatment of various manufacturers, from the application shows that the filter cartridge filter processing efficiency, low operating costs, operation and management is also very simple, the water can reach the "sewage The first-class standard in the Integrated Emission Standards, and some manufacturers also recycle the treated water, and filter cartridges can be used to turn waste water into treasure.

The content of the food industry is very complex, mainly including sugar, meat, brewing, dairy products processing, etc. The discharged wastewater contains organic substances, has strong oxygen consumption, and a large amount of suspended matter will be discharged along with the waste water. . The emergence of filter cartridges solves the problem of industrial wastewater.

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