Development of sintered mesh filter
May 13, 2018

For many filtration industries, it is very important to choose a suitable filter element. Looking at the contemporary market, the sintered mesh filter is definitely a very good choice. In addition, the good heat resistance and accuracy of the sintered mesh filter are the reasons why many users choose.

Because the temperature of the sintered mesh filter is very high, it will inevitably lead to some particles in the process of contact with the blade, and the clogging phenomenon will occur for a long time. Therefore, once the vacuum pump oil level is rapidly reduced or smoke occurs, the sintering should be replaced promptly. Net filter.

The sintered mesh filter is preferably replaced once a year. It is best to replace the oil at the same time when replacing, and then install the new sintered mesh filter in accordance with the normal installation order. Note that the seal must be sealed with a new seal ring. It must be guaranteed. The sealing and filtering effect.

In the process of development, the same sintered mesh filter also faces numerous challenges, and only by grasping the good opportunity will the sintered mesh filter go farther and farther.

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