How to effectively avoid the situation that the filter element is sucked in at work
May 13, 2018

If the filter element is used improperly or an inappropriate filter element is used, the flattening of the filter element will occur. How can this be avoided effectively? We have summarized some aspects that may cause the above reasons:

1. Filter plugged and not replaced in time. The filter element is seriously blocked by pollutants during operation and has not been cleaned in time, resulting in an increase in the pressure difference of the filter element. The strength of the filter element is insufficient to cause the filter element to saturate.

2. The filter element is not properly selected. When the filter element is selected, it is not suitable for the current working environment. The precision of the filter element is too high, or the pressure exceeds the maximum allowable working pressure. This may also result in the phenomenon of the filter element squeezing. Many customers believe that the use of stainless steel sintered mesh filter, sintered felt filter will avoid this situation, but the fact is not the case, although these two types of stainless steel filter has a certain ability to resist pressure, but more than its own pressure capacity The phenomenon of squeezing will also occur. We must make appropriate adjustments according to work pressure, such as adding skeletons, so that the effect will be better.

3. Improper installation, the installation of the filter element must be accurate and stable, and the filtration work has already begun without the filter element being fixed, so that the filter element is destroyed.

In summary, there will be many cases where the filter element is flattened. Therefore, we must consider the working conditions of the filter element when selecting the filter element, select the appropriate filter element, and replace the filter element periodically to avoid similar problems.

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