how to determine the accuracy of sintered fiber felt
Sep 09, 2018

Item Name: Sintered Metal Fiber Felt

Description: Sintered metal fiber felt is made of metal fiber in micrometer through lapping, laminate and high temperature sintering. Multi player sintered metal fiber felt which has pore diameter grads formed by layers of different pore size can achieve high filtering accuracy and larger dirt holding capacity than single layer felt. Sintered metal fiber felt has uniform pore size, high permeability and mechanical intension. It is not only resistant to corrosion and high temperature, but also can be welded, folded and reused. The sintered metal fiber felt is an ideal high efficient filter media suitable for working at high temperature, high differential pressure and high corrosion atmosphere.

We can manufacture the sintered metal fiber felt 5-80um according to your requirement, and we can make the max size 1270*1000 mm.

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