many Inches Pleated Filter Element for Mineral Water Plant
Oct 14, 2018

40 inch pleated filter element for mineral water plant

Pleated filter element is a kind of deep filtration filter,it is usuaslly used as liquid overheating,clarification, filtration and terminal filter.It has the following characteristics: the superfine polypropylene fiber membrane as the filtration medium, low pressure differential, high flux, good filtration precision, lower economic cost. The whole structure of polypropylene, end cover, housing and center pole adopts polypropylene material; It adopts the hot melt welding process, PP and PP melt bonding,without any binder. It has wide range of chemical compatibility, and also has a series of pore size and form a variety of interface.Material: Pleated filter, Support layer, End-cover, Inside & Outside cylinder are polypropylene.
Welding: It adopts the uniquehot melting methods, no glue, no foreign body fall off.
Typical use: Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Electronics, Environmental protection, etc.
Microporous membrane pleated filter cartridge main features: High interception rate, high liquidity, low pressure differential and a wide range of chemical compatibility; 
The production process adopts unique hot melting process technology, no any adhesive, 
no foreign body release. 
It can meet the food,beverage, beer, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries production 
Filtration mediumPP / PTFE / PVDF / PES / Nylon
Up & Bottom flow support layer materialPolypropylene
Support frame & Structural ComponentsPolypropylene
Filtration precision0.1-100um
Sealing material

Silicone rubber,Nitrile butadiene rubber,
EPDM,Fluorine rubber.

Sealing methodHot melting welding
Effect filtration area≥0.6 m/10"
Filter cartridge diameter69.0 mm
Maximum Working Temperature80oC,0.17 MPa
Highest Temperature140oC,0.27 MPa
Max positive differential pressure0.42 MPa(25oC)
Max back pressure differential pressure0.28 MPa(25oC)
Sterilization Conditions121oC 30 min
Application Field

Chemical Industry: Organic solvents, 

various of alcohols, Chemical reagents 

filtration,Sterile storage tank breathing 

apparatus, such

Polypropylene microporous membrane filter
Using the polypropylene composite membrane filter as the filtration material, 
this filter is a kind of advanced and fixed type deep filtration filter cartridges, 
the filtration micron is from 0.1um to 60um. The filtration membrane is not affected 
by feed water pressure. Its unique advantages for low pressure differential, high flux, 
good filtration precision, and low economic cost, it is favored by the users.
Hydrophobic PTFE filter
The filter medium is Hydrophobic PTFE microporous membrane filter: Strong hydrophobicity, 
High holding rate, excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability, good strength, 
impact resistance of the forward & reverse pressure. 
Hydrophilic PTFE filter
The filter element medium for hydrphilic PTFE microporous membrane filter: The hydrophilic 
stability, high entrapment rate, excellent chemical resistance thermal stability, good strength, 
impact resistance of the forward & reverse pressure. 
Polyether Sulphone Filter
The filter element is advanced in the world, the PES membrane micro opening rate is more than 
80%, it has the unique microporous geometry type, it improves the filter cartridge filtration 
efficiency and liquidity of the difficult solution. It is composed by PES membrane and the 
polypropylene support material hot melting, it is no dung, also applicable for the strict chemical 
and pharmaceutical industries. 
The main features: Unique hydrophilic,not included the activated surfactant and surface 
lubricant, it is provided high level filtration precision and flow rate for the filtration liquid. 
It is applicable for wide PH range, low adsorption for the protein and the valuave heavy metal 
biological, high entrapment rate, excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability, 
good strength,  impact resistance of the forward & reverse pressure.
Nylon filter
The filter medium is hydrophilic nylon microporous membrane filter, It is composed by nylon 
membrane and the polypropylene support material hot melting, it is no dung, also applicable 
for the strict chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 
Main features:Hydrophilic stability, strong flexibility, high entrapment rate, excellent chemical 
resistance, especially suitable for filtering of the organic solvent. Forward and reverse pressure 
shock resistance.

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