Metal Mesh Hydraulic Oil Filter Elements
Aug 21, 2018

Metal Mesh Hydraulic Oil Filter Elements can be used to protect the specific components of the hydraulic system, it is installed in the medium-pressure pipeline to protect the upstream components to filter out the solid particles and colloidal material, control the working medium pollution effectively, and make the components work normally. The hydraulic oil filter element is mainly made of stainless steel woven mesh, sintered mesh, iron mesh. Since the filter material are mainly glass filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper, wood pulp filter paper, so it has the characteristics of high concentricity rate, large pressure bearing, good straightness, stainless steel without any burrs, and can ensure long service life, its structure is made by the single or multi-layer metal mesh and filter material, its layers and wire mesh are based on the different conditions and usage in the specific use

harry zhang


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