Porous Metal Felt Filter Stainless Steel Sintered Felt Filter
Sep 05, 2018

               Porous Metal felt Filter Stainless Steel Sintered Felt Filter

Product Description
Stainless steel sintered felt filter media is made with thin filaments of nonwoven stainless steel.
These porous metal felt filter elements are ideal for high pressure, highly corrosive,
highly viscous applications. 
1.Large Pollution capacity 
2.Extremely high porosity (up to 85%)
3.high flow rates: up to 20 times higher than other media types
4.Low pressure drop
5.Ease of cleaning
6.High strength
7.Heat & corrosion resistance

Stainless Steel Sintered Felt Filter Photos for your ref

Professional technical data systems guaranteed the correctness of filter.
Filtration Specialists with 15 years experience.
OEM Service for you and satisfy different markets demand.
Carefully Test before delivery.
Quality guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008
Vendors for Eaton Filtration China Branch.

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Our service
1.Consulting Service and finding solution for any problems in your industry.
2.Designing and manufacturing as your request.
3.Analyze and make drawings as your pictures or samples for your confirmation.
4.Warm welcome for your business trip to our factory.
We also can produce according to your design and size.

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