Several common causes of air dust filter damage
May 13, 2018

The air dust filter is a filter element that is often used in our daily life, but it is prone to problems in use. Here we will introduce the causes and solutions for the problems.

1. Quality issues

Dust filter itself, the quality is poor, the skeleton is thin, the filter material is not effective or does not meet the requirements;

2. Stress issues

This involves maintenance of this piece, timely cleaning, replacement of dust filter, so that the dust filter filter to maintain smooth, there is equipped with pressure relief valve, pressure safety valve debugging pressure is not appropriate, the pressure is too high, can not achieve results;

3. The equipment is not maintained in time

The dust filter in the dust collector needs to be observed and cleaned periodically. After a period of time, the equipment needs to be inspected, such as the aging of the circuit and the replacement of parts. These must be taken seriously in normal times and problems must be solved in time.

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