Sintered Metal Fiber Felt with Protective Wire Net
Sep 16, 2018

Sintered Metal Fiber Felt with Protective Wire Net As a new type of porous material, the non-woven metal fiber has superior filtration function over wire cloth, for it has higher porosity, uniform distribution, greater dirt holding capacity, also can be welded, folded into different shapes. For its excellent filter performance, it is usually added into sintered mesh or sintered filter element as one layer. Multiple layers of metal fiber felt can also be sintered into filter media.


Features of sintered metal felt filter media

  • High heat and corrosion resistance: Work temperature resistance can reach 1000 °C, and stainless steel or alloy for corrosive application, which non-metallic textile, ceramic or polymer product can not compete.

  • High porosity: It performs with up to 85% high porosity, long on-stream lifetime, high flow rates.

  • Low pressure drop: The high porosity allows a very low pressure drop, lower energy cost at the same time.

  • Depth filtration: It enables you to achieve high efficient result through surface filtration and its high dirt capacity offers depth particles capture.

  • Enhanced gel removal: Addition of metal fiber felt enhances gel removal property of sintered filter media and eliminates fiber breaks during spinning.

  • Longer life: Stainless steel fiber felt is added into sintered filter media, onstream life can be increased by a factor of two to three times that of conventional wire mesh media.


Sintered Metal Fiber Felt with Protective Wire Net is used for several (fine, deep or sub micron) filtration applications as followings:

  • Polymer filtering.

  • Filtration of high temperature and corrosive liquid in oil refinery, chemical fields.

  • Gas, water, printing ink filtering.

  • Viscose rayon filtering.

  • Food and beverage purification and filtering.

  • Filtration of hydraulic and lubricating oil in various equipment.

  • Dust collection for high temperature gas.

  • Support for filter media and carrier for catalyst.

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