What are the filter leak detection methods
May 13, 2018

The filter has a wide range of uses, and suitable filters can play a huge role. One of the most important is the leak detection of the filter. In the end, what is the method?

1. Test method: dust particle count scanning inspection method.

2. Test range: filter media of filter, seal of filter frame and connection of filter set supporting frame, support frame and fixed wall connection

3. Testing equipment: dust particle counter:

4. Detection principle: Based on the principle of the luminous flux that floated particles are scattered in a certain proportion of light under certain intensity of illumination, the scattered light of the particles is converted into electrical signals by photoelectric conversion, and the particle equivalent diameter is shown after amplification and computer processing. And the corresponding number of particles.

5. Testing procedures:

5.1 Use a dust particle counter to sample the head side of the scanning filter. The distance from the sampling head to the filter is about 2 cm. The inspection is performed along the inner border of the filter. The scanning speed is lower than 5 cm/s.

5.2 When the detection period is 10min, the number of 0.5u m particles is >20, and the alarm sounds, indicating that the leakage quantity is up. Need to repair or more Ling.

5.3 After plugging or fastening bolts with epoxy resin, scan inspection is performed.

6. Detection period

6.1 Normal use. At least one test per quarter;

6.2 newly installed HEPA filter should be tested.

Dust particle counter scanning method, although the detection time is longer, generally one filter leak detection requires one

Hours right and right, but the low price of the test equipment is a commonly used test equipment for enterprises, and there are no negative effects.

It is more suitable for the selection of general pharmaceutical manufacturers for verification.

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