What is an industrial grade filter filter
May 13, 2018

Industrial filter element can adapt to harsh working environment, operation and maintenance is very simple, with all kinds of high-precision filter core, is a perfect combination.

The filter core of industrial filter core filter is made of stainless steel sintering net, stainless steel sintered felt, stainless steel wire mesh foldable filter core, metal filter core can adopt standard 226 and 222 interface, also can use thread interface or flange interface, all according to the actual working conditions of customers.

1.It is widely used in:

2.Fine filtration of fine chemicals, paints and adhesives

3.Technological circulating water in the electronics industry

4.Desulphurizing amine solution

5.Intercepting of decolorant and filter aid

6.Purifying and recycling filters for producing key fluids in circulation

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