What Is Candle Filter?
Sep 16, 2018

1. What Is Candle Filter? 

Candle filter is mainly used for high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity polymer, polyester melt filtration. The filter upper and lower end caps are made of stainless steel (316L) to ensure corrosion resistance. The filter medium is made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel wire braided mesh is folded and corrugated. The dimensions are small and the filter area is large. It can be cleaned repeatedly.

2. Features of Candle Filter
1. Low resistance pressure loss, high strength; Repeatable cleaning, long service life
2. The filter element and the fixed plate are bolted or screwed, and the installation, disassembly and cleaning are convenient.
3. Strong corrosion resistance, wide operating temperature range, no material detachment
4. Large filter area, large flow rate, high porosity, good permeability, strong dirt holding capacity, strong reusability

3. Applications of Candle Filter
1. Metallurgy: It was used for the filtration of hydraulic system of rolling mill and continuous caster and filtration of various lubrication equipments.
2. Petrochemical: Separation and recycling of products and intermediate products in the refining, chemical production process, Purification of liquids, tapes, discs, and photographic films in manufacturing, Oilfield injection well water and natural gas in addition to particle filtration.
3. Textile: Purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt During the drawing process. Air compressor protection and filtration, degreasing of compressed gas and water.
4. Electronics and Pharmaceuticals: Reverse osmosis water, deionized water pretreatment filtration, washing solution and glucose pretreatment filtration.
5. Thermal power and nuclear power: Gas turbine, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system oil purification, water pump, fan and dust removal system purification.     

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