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Analysis Of Common Faults Of Oil Filter
May 13, 2018

The common faults of the oil filter are the damage of the filter plate and the spray between the filter plates. The following two problems are analyzed and eliminated separately.

1. Spraying between filter plates

Automatic vacuum oil filter machine in the filter operation, the phenomenon of spray between the filter plate, the reasons:

The thrust plate is not pressed or the pressing force of the hydraulic cylinder is too small. The

The filter cloth is broken;

In the pressing surface of the filter plate frame, the filter cloth is folded;

Both sides of the beam have different degrees of lateral bending (horizontal direction);

The solution is to carefully clean the residual filter cake (especially the lower part) on the pressing surface of the filter plate when unloading, or flush the filter plate in time to ensure the cleanness of the filter plate's pressing surface; bind the filter cloth well to ensure its smoothness .

2. The filter plate is damaged

The filter filter of the van filter press is a common fault. If there is a large number of damaged filter plates, the following factors should be analyzed:

1 the quality of the filter plate manufacturing;

2 In the diaphragm pressing method, both the amount of oil filter of the diaphragm plate and the processing quality of the inner steel liner should be taken into account. The

3 The selection of the material of the filter plate and the head of the feed pump match;

Under normal conditions, the pressure on both sides of the filter plate is in equilibrium. When the two sides of the filter plate are in different filtration stages, one side is the filtration, and the other side is the hydraulic extrusion, and the pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filtration plate, thereby damaging the filter plate. The reason is:

1 After the filter press began to filter, the feed pump stopped a long time in the middle, and the semi-flow filter cake in the filter chamber subsided;

2 During the unloading process, the amount of mud remaining on both sides of the filter plate greatly differs;

3 The feed hole of the filter plate is clogged.

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