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Classification Of Sintered Mesh Filter
May 13, 2018

(1) cylindrical filter

It is mainly used for oil filtration, water filtration and air filtration, etc. It can effectively remove solid particles in liquid or air, and also has strong chemical compatibility. It can be used to filter acidic and basic organic solvents. In addition, it also has a strong amount of pollution, longer life, and can effectively reduce noise;

Sintered mesh filter

(2) Sintered filter cartridge

Sintered filter cartridges have a high amount of contained dirt and high porosity, long service life, strong plasticity and mechanical strength, accurate filtration accuracy and strong permeability. It is an ideal filter element in high precision and high temperature environment, it is very suitable for high pressure backwash oil filter and dust removal in high temperature environment;

(3) sintered screen

Sintered stencils can be used as a dispersion cooling material in a high-temperature environment, or as a gas distribution or orifice material for a fluidized bed. They can also be used in high pressure backwash oil filters and are used in aerospace, petrochemical, mechanical, and metallurgical applications. And chemical and other industries are widely used;

Sintered mesh filter

(4) sintered mesh filter

Sintered mesh filter discs are ideal filter elements for filtration, washing and drying. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, high temperature in the petrochemical industry, filtration of corrosive fluids, various hydraulic oils in the machinery industry, filtration of lubricating oils, and susceptors in riot guards. In addition, it is also used in polyester, oil products, food and beverage, chemical fiber, water treatment and gas filtration industries.

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