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quality management is very important in Sintered mesh filter production.
Oct 07, 2018

Quality Assurance
1.Best raw materials, best technology.
2.Our products are produced strictly in accordance with the requirements, and there are special personnel for test before leaving the factory.
3.High efficiency and high precision to ensure the equipment safety.
4. If there are any quality problems, we will do it again for free.

Sintered mesh filter main filter material is a new type of filter material , which is formed by vacuum sintering and has high mechanical strength and overall rigidity. It has excellent filtering accuracy, filtration resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and processability, and the comprehensive performance is obvious. Better than other types of filter material. Good welding and assembly performance, easy to manufacture, can be processed into various types of filter elements such as round, cylindrical, conical, and filter grain

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