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Sintering Felt And Sintered Mesh Filter Applicable Scope
May 13, 2018

Applied to the following industries:

- refining industry: all kinds of oil filtration, paraffin filtration;

- "three extraction" polymer injection device: polymer filtration and water filtration

Industry: all kinds of activated carbon filtration, industrial sewage filtration, high temperature gas purification.

Huanyu HL sintered felt filter core is mainly used in the following industries:

Oil refining industry

- re gas filtration of catalytic reforming unit;

- hydrofining unit, new hydrogen, recycle hydrogen filtration, raw oil and finished oil filtration.

Dry gas filtration, lean liquid and rich liquid filtration in dry gas desulphurization plant

- filtration of lubricating oil in oil blending.

Petrochemical Industry

- filtration of ethylene, propylene, butadiene, acetylene, benzene, xylene and other raw materials;

- the filtration of acetone, ethanol, glycerin and so on.

Chemical industry

- filtration of all kinds of solvents, caprolactam, fat, alcohol and other common raw materials such as acid and alkali.

Pharmaceutical industry

- the preparation of aseptic air and the filtration of steam, etc.

- filtration of all kinds of polymers in chemical fiber industry.

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