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What Are The Characteristics Of Metal Filter
May 13, 2018

The metal filter is a general term for a compact filter. For the metal filter, the metal filter can be repeatedly used for many times, and the filter has a long service life, which effectively saves the production cost. The metal filter is made of metal, has a strong wear resistance and good rigidity, and is not easily deformed during use. And easy cleaning. Metal filters are the most economical and convenient solution not only in the industry, but also in air ventilation and air-conditioning intake devices. 

The use of multi-layer metal expansion nets is superimposed and has a strong dust removal effect. The resistance of the metal filter is very low and can be easily cleaned repeatedly. The main material of the metal filter is generally processed from high-efficiency filter material such as stainless steel mesh, sintered felt, honeycomb core, and sintered mesh. Metal filters are highly efficient and precise.

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