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Which Methods Can Cleaning The Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh Filters
Jul 14, 2018

Cleaning methods for sintering stainless steel wire mesh filter:


1.Before cleaning, you need to make sure the differential pressure of the sintered net filter, check filter cartridge surface.

When you start cleaning the filter, you need to put the filter in a nitrogen protection furnace, heat it to 380 ° C for 2 hours, filter out dirt and impurities.

2. You need to put the filter into the ultrasonic cleaning machine slot, with strong cleaning liquid inside, heated to 80 ℃ 1 hour. The "cavitation" on the filter, the cleaning fluid can penetrate into the filter from each corner, and then the dirt gradually disappears.

And hanging piece corrosion detection method in cleaning tank to check again, and the cleaning agent for filter corrosion conditions.

3.Use the filtered water to wash the filter several times, so that can clean the residues,Then the filters need to be filtered by air reverse blowing to dry the water for 20 seconds.

4, The stainless steel wire mesh filter can be dry into the clean oven at 50℃.

5, Use a magnifying glass of 30 times to check the inside and outside of sintered stainless steel filter element.

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